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Neodymium Health For Body Mind

Pads Energy Of Water - Pure And Safe Drinking

water energy pad

**The Structure of Water Molecules by Water Energy Pad for Pure & Safe Drinking**

– A molecule consists of one oxygen (O) and two hydrogens (H2O).
– In simple terms, oxygen behaves negatively, while each hydrogen behaves positively.
– Molecules naturally group together by attracting the positive hydrogen of one molecule to the negative oxygen of another.
– These groups, called water molecule clusters, vary in size depending on the number of molecules involved.

**Unstructured Water and its Challenges**

– In unstructured, the clusters are loosely held together and often large.
– This loose structure allows toxins and pollutants to enter these clusters.
– As these clusters approach cell membranes, many are rejected because they are either too large or contain toxins.
– It takes a lot of unstructured water to properly hydrate a plant or organism.

**The Role of Magnetic Fields**

– When a magnetic field is applied to regular water, it restructures the molecules into very small clusters, each comprising six symmetrically organized molecules.
– These tiny clusters have a hexagonal structure and are recognized by cells as “bio-friendly.”
– Importantly, toxins cannot penetrate these small clusters.
– This restructured water quickly enters the passageways in plant and animal cell membranes.
– The result is maximum and healthy hydration with less consumption.

In essence, magnetic fields can transform into smaller, structured clusters that are readily accepted by cells and provide efficient hydration while keeping harmful substances out.

The¬†water energy pads are designed to be wrapped around a bottle, left undisturbed for at least four hours, and the water within becomes imbued with their effects. The difference in the water’s properties can be felt upon consumption. Opting for glass bottles is advised, as they tend to yield superior outcomes compared to plastic containers. This approach of using energy pads to magnetize fluids is highly versatile, and applicable to a variety of liquids for potential benefits.

Furthermore, the benefits of magnetization extend beyond, encompassing various liquid products such as cosmetics, facial treatments, and skincare items. These products tend to exhibit enhanced efficacy when subjected to magnetization. This technique isn’t limited solely to one liquid; other substances like milk, fruit juices, an array of beverages, and even alcohol can undergo bio-magnetization. By imbuing these liquids with magnetic properties, the potential for improved outcomes for both body and mind is heightened.

According to the source, magnetized is believed to exhibit effectiveness in addressing a range of health issues. These include providing relief from cold symptoms, alleviating bronchitis discomfort, managing fever, easing arthritis pain, and contributing to blood pressure control.

Furthermore, magnetized water is purported to enhance the digestion of nutrients and play a role in weight management. It is also suggested to have potential anti-aging and anti-fatigue properties. Additionally, this type of water is believed to contribute to the prevention of arterial and venous congestion by assisting in the dissolution of cholesterol and salt deposits within the circulatory system.

“The pad is most effective when used exclusively with glass bottles. Ideally, a bottle of water should be placed on the pad for a minimum of four hours. Avoid the use of plastic bottles for this purpose. Encourage all members of your family to consume water treated with the pad; this practice offers a paramount boost to your health. By maintaining proper blood flow, your immunity strengthens, providing a strong defense against various diseases.”

Conclusion: On an average scale, blood comprises 51 percent water. This estimation is deduced from the proportion of blood occupied by plasma and the water content contained within it. In typical conditions, blood consists of 55 percent plasma and 45 percent blood cells along with other components. Plasma itself is composed of 92 percent water.

Drinking water treated with bio-magnetic neodymium¬†holds several benefits. It aids in the process of oxidation and leads to improved digestion. Concerns like burning during urination and related issues can be alleviated. Furthermore, it contributes to a reduction in acidity and better control over cholesterol levels. Blood sugar levels can also be somewhat managed. Overall, the consumption of bio-magnetic neodymium water yields substantial positive outcomes for one’s health.”

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