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Neodymium Health For Body Mind

1 Way Self, My Health Fully Controlled

Health Of Heart Attack

As previously mentioned, I underwent two heart attacks along with dealing with low blood pressure and elevated sugar levels. Despite the high doses of medication I was prescribed, I couldn’t shake the realization that these medications were introducing toxins into my system. Unfortunately, this treatment approach offered little relief for my sugar levels, which consistently remained in the range of 420 to 540.

Interestingly, my wife seemed to be following a similar path. She experienced two strokes – one affecting her left eye and another in her left leg. Notably, she even had a heart attack, almost humorously mirroring my own health challenges.

In my pursuit of managing my health, I meticulously controlled my diet throughout the week, except for indulging on Saturdays and Sundays. My prior occupation confined me to an office chair, but after my second heart attack, I opted to leave that job behind and opted to stay home.

During this juncture, a friend introduced me to an intriguing proposition – a supervisory role in a factory. The idea was to observe the factory operations while seated, providing a healthier alternative to staying idle at home. Captivated by this prospect, I wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity and embarked on this new journey of Harnessing my Health.

In the factory, I found myself doing more than just sitting; I actively engaged with the production line, seeking opportunities for physical involvement. This shift towards a more physically demanding role brought about a positive transformation in the overall physical condition of my health. I noticed a gradual increase in my strength and stamina, a change I was determined not to let slip away. Thus, I incorporated this factory work into my routine as a form of physical exercise, reaping the benefits it offered.

During this time, I came across a set of “NEODYMIUM PRODUCTS.” This set included a single mattress pad with a pillow, a water magnetic pad, and a hand belt. Intrigued by the potential benefits, I decided to give these products a try, hoping to further enhance my newfound sense of well-being and bring a new logic of Harness of my Health.

Taking a firm stand, I opted to incorporate Neodymium products into my daily routine. I chose to employ the Neodymium Pillow for my sleep and harmonize my drinking water using the water pad. Additionally, I made the conscious decision to wear the magnetic wrist belt consistently. Meanwhile, I provided my wife with the mattress pad, offering her the opportunity to benefit from its advantages during her sleep.

The impact was profound – our world underwent a transformation. In a mere span of 15 days, I observed a remarkable decrease in my sugar levels, dropping from 230 to 280 points. Continued consumption of magnetized water further drove my sugar levels down to a consistent range of 120 to 160 points, a level I sustain to this day.

On occasions of strict dietary adherence, I even manage to achieve normal sugar levels. However, the dynamic environment of the factory occasionally exposes me to dietary temptations, particularly with the presence of official tea and snacks that I occasionally partake in. Despite these challenges, I find respite in tending to my small garden on Sundays and holidays, an activity that aids in maintaining my sense of well-being my body and mind through positive usage for my Health.

My Wife Health to Had Dramatic Change

After her heart attack, my wife endured a distressing period marked by severe bodily pain. Her sugar levels were elevated, and while her cholesterol situation was comparatively improved, she was still grappling with health challenges. However, through the simple practices of sleeping on the magnetized mattress and consuming magnetized water, her condition gradually normalized, much like my own experience. We have once again become a contented and joyous couple.

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